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Your #TIMETOLEAD is here

The current situation puts us all in front of new and unexpected decisions. Strategic thinking and the right decisions are - more than ever - essential for businesses to remain resilient and forward-looking.

It is you, the owners and top executives of companies, who must prove their resilience and leadership skills in today's challenging times. We present to you the new BDO platform #timetolead, a series of regular informal discussions and meetings of BDO specialists and guests from successful companies in interviews on current topics.

Together with you, we will question business owners, successful entrepreneurs and managers.

Join interesting discussions with experts on topics such as corporate finance, successful crisis management and adverse situations, the use of data in corporate governance, generational differences in corporate governance, and more.

Meetings will be held regularly online, and as soon as the pandemic situation allows, in person at various places in the Czech Republic. A list of scheduled events and also details about individual events can be found below.


We bring you another one of our regular informal meetings of BDO specialists and guests in discussions on current topics. This time with František Piškanin, founder of aogistics firm and holding company HOPI, on the topic "Life after life": what is life like after handing over the company and after years of hard work?


The discussion will be attended by:

  • František Piškanin - founder and owner of the logistics company and holding HOPI
  • Miroslav Jandečka - Managing Partner BDO


Event date: 23 November 2021, 16:00 - 17:00 in Prague


In the first part there will be a discussion between the interviewer and the guest and in the second part you will have the opportunity to ask the guests questions about areas that interest you.


If you are interested in attending the event in person, you can register at: events@bdo.cz


TIMETOLEAD with BDO podcasts

The first of the regular informal meetings of BDO specialists and guests in interviews TIMETOLEAD with BDO on current topics was on the topic: Loans, bonds, stock exchange: how to raise capital and further develop the company? The discussion happened on 20 April with Petr Kasa, the founder of Pilulka.cz.

The second TIMETOLEAD with BDO interview is with Miroslav Singer, Chief Economist of Generali CEE Holding and a former governor of the CNB on the topic: A view of the Czech economy through the eyes of Miroslav Singer.

The third of the meetings was with Václav Novák, the father of crisis management in our country, on the topic: Crisis as an opportunity: how to prepare a company for a crisis, how to survive it successfully and how to identify opportunities? Soon you will be able to listen to the interview in the form of a new podcast episode.

Listen to the latest episodess of the TIMETOLEAD with BDO podcast on the streaming platforms:


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